Saturday, 10 November 2012

A sandwich girl on board :)

“Would you like to sail with us?” a colleague of mine surprised me with her question one day.

“Who, me?” I answered, shocked, looking around, presuming she had obviously directed her question to somebody else.

“Yes, you!” she replied decisively.

“Well…I could try…” I  responded timidly, recalling instantly my childish fears, all the tears and cries for help directed to my father who adored sailing and countless situations in which I made him suffer from identity crises as I seemed to have been born somewhere far far away from the sea, since the boat appeared to be everything but my natural environment.
Nonetheless, despite my personal fears, I decided to try my hand at the adventure called sailing. If something went wrong, I thought, I knew how to swim (forgetting how cold the sea could get during the winter, and how practically impossible would be to swim with all the clothes on!).


Now, though, three years later, I have to admit that the decision to take up sailing is still one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Fortunately, the weather conditions on the first few regattas were ideal (for me – not for the others, as quiet and calm weather is not quite cherished by the sailors) so I was given the opportunity to fall in love with sailing little by little. Clueless and clumsy as I am, I was assigned to a perfectly suited position – a sandwich girl! I enjoyed everything on the boat. I even started to look forward to wind!


Something truly magical happens when you sail towards the wind, enjoying the salty smell of the sea and its sounds: the waves, the birds, the wind… no noise… almost a perfect blend of men and nature…

( posted by my great friend, a sandwich girl in charge, Sara Bujas )