Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Zagreb - a place to be

Even though this blog is dedicated to Šibenik, I'm sure many of you will eventually decide upon visiting our beautiful capital city. Therefore I decided to share some useful tips and advice from my dear friend Anita Dujić, who is one of the biggest hedonists I know, and who has managed quite well, despite the fact she's not 'a native' there and comes from the island of Čiovo, to find her way around the city and meet all the cool places you shouldn't miss during your stay in Zagreb. Enjoy it!


Zagreb – a place to be
Zagreb is a true European capital, with all the features a capital should have. However, despite the variety of things to choose from, people in Zagreb will probably complain about the lack of them. On the other hand, to a province girl like myself, Zagreb is undoubtedly a good host. Although nothing compares to South, with the smell of sea and pines, I love Zagreb as well, especially in spring and autumn, when it is packed with colours, happy faces and romance.

To all of those who come here for the first time, I always suggest starting with the gastro offer ;) . My favourite two restaurants in the very centre of the city are 'Vinodol' and 'Apetite City', which offer exquisite meals, with carefully selected groceries. When talking about the larger city centre, I choose 'RougeMarin' and 'Lauba Bistro'. If you're already in the centre, and you have a 'sweet tooth', you don't want to miss 'Amelie', 'Velvet', 'Oranž' and of course, the legendary 'Vincek'.
The centre is also an excellent shopping location; In Ilica, the main street, you'll find a great number of stores, especially the high street offer. If you take a walk down the side streets, you'll bump into many interesting places offering unique, vintage and handmade pieces, that you won't see on half of the girls in the city. You'll find pieces like this in lovely decorated 'Iggy' concept store, vintage heaven called 'Ulični ormar' at Jurišićeva Street, 'Vešmašina' at Opatovina 45, and 'Shpitza Boutique' at Lovački Rog.
One of my favourite places to go to for a glass of fine vine, while sitting in retro furniture, listening hits from the 80s, played by DJ Mario Kovač, is definitely 'Kino Europa'.


If you're looking for a dose of cultural uplift, Zagreb has a lot to offer; Starting from Gornji Grad Museum with variety of concerts and repertoires, to Museum of Contemporary Art as one of the best looking and most up-to-date in Europe.
Night life is equally interesting. There's something for everyone - alternativers, rockers, pop fans, hipsters etc, everyone can find a place that suits them, and dance the night away.   

In recent years I really enjoy visiting 'plac' or 'pazar', where I can always find groceries I need, domestic ones as well as artificial, with the best fish market offer in the country, which a coastal girl like me appreciates incredibly! :)

That would be all for now.