Tuesday 10 March 2015

Only Croatian design, please! :) Dobric - little oasis of Crotian design

The season is almost here. We're getting everything ready, calling, tweeting, pinning, mailing. Reminiscing about the last year, we had so many good things going on, that we simply couldn't find time to write about it. :)

We finally moved our office to a new address, one of my favorite squares, only few steps away from Charlie Design boutique, by Loredana Bahorić one of my favorite Croatian designers.  

The other big change is that now we have an ''attachment'' to our agency - our very own souvenir shop - my big wish come true.  So, as of now, you can find everything you need here. Except 'čevapčići'. We don't have those, even though some think they are an original Croatian delicacy. :P

 Charlie Design, SS 2014,
soooo proud of our creativ neighbors :)

Charlie Design Shop

I'm not sure how you feel about it, but I get offended when I come somewhere as a tourist and they keep offering me Malaysian sea shells, cheap meaningless souvenirs, fish chosen especially for tourists... Ok, I get it, I'm a tourist, not an idiot! That's why it was mandatory for me to offer only carefully chosen, entirely Croatian design products, made by young people equally enthusiastic about their country and design. Here you'll find unique Croatian products like tiles with an imprint of lace pattern from Pag, Hvar and Lepoglava (all of them being very well known and praised in our country) under an interesting name - BašČipka,  made by three designers working their magic under the name of Vil*e; friendship bracelets with an imprint of your favorite Croatian island, by designer Lucija Radman, pillow cases with the printed legend about Mirna and Dobra, two witches from Šibenik; a funny dictionary/guide 'Flirting in Croatian'; sailors in the art of academic painter Ana Kolega; cups and coasters with illustrations of Croatian inventors; friendship bracelets by Oggy bijoux with 'Šibenik's button', our most famous souvenir, St James Cathedral by local artist Suzana Karadole; and so many other lovely things.

Souvenir Shop Kola-fjaka

Friendship bracelets "Sibenik's button by Oggi bijoux

Postcards by academic painter Ana Kolega

BašČipka by Vil*e

Flirting in Croatian ;)

Be sure to put a visit to Dobric in your itineraries. Not only is it a great place for shopping, but it has a history, too. There used to be a theatre building there, as well as the dark attraction of Šibenik - rebus embossment, which was a motive in one of the songs by popular song writer Arsen Dedić.
Dobric was once the main connection between Kalelarga and the sea front, and that's why it was considered to be the perfect place for this kind of message: death shall come to cheating mouths'. Hair, wings, dice and a skull are supposedly carved in to remind people about their behavior and stop them from talking behind other people's back. If you're lucky, you'll visit Dobric during the International Children's Festival, when it regularly becomes a workshop stage of little artists.


Anita Dujić in Dobrić, wearing Iggy "Volim Sibenik" hoodie <3

Let's get back to our creative neighbors we're so proud of.  Apart from famous Croatian designer and her magical creations, last year Dobric got richer for another wonderful gallery. You'll surely be attracted by its lovely interior, pictured as a living room from the 70s, decorated by the owner herself, as it's only proper for an artist, the famous sculptor Natalija Klarica. Here you can find works of renowned Croatian painters and sculptors, as well as jewelry and souvenirs from exclusively Croatian production.

Dana Gallery 

So give us Croatian design, please! Everything else is history. Dobric surely deserves to be called a real Croatian design oasis. So many dreams, wishes, beauty, love and passion are interwoven in this place, and  being a part of it is a unique feeling. 

Tuesday 3 March 2015

Prvić Luka

My story about the trip to Prvić Luka was supposed to be posted some 4 months ago, but I think it's never too late for a drop of hedonism, a touch of unique island magic, few nice pics and some useful advice.

It was around mid October, on the 1oth October to be more precise. Tourists had already left, school year had started, but temperatures were still very high. The island of Prvić was hosting an event called Creative Days of Faust Vrančić. It sounded like a happy scenario of even happier end of the week. There really is something magical, boho and relaxing about this island also known as the island of Faust.

It is the birthplace of the well known genius of renaissance, Faust Vrančić, famous for his invention of Homo Volans. He spent the happiest and most carefree days of his childhood right here at the island of Prvić. At his demand, he was also burried here, in a small church of St Mary of Mercy, in Prvić Luka.

The only things we took with us were swimsuits, flip-flops and sun glasses  (there really isn't anything else you might need.... except maybe a credit card J ) and took the 9:30 fairy boat to Zlarin, which leaves from Šibenik seafront. At  9:55 we were already on Zlarin, heading towards Prvić.
 It took us not more than 40 minutes to get from Šibenik to Prvić.
If you're not much of sea traveller, you can also take a boat from Vodice to Prvić Šepurine, and get there in only 10 minutes. 

If you're a tourist in Šibenik, apart from visiting NP Krka and NP Kornati, you should definitely consider  including a visit to Šibenik islands in your itineraries,  as one of the few untouched oasis of peace and harmony.
Let me give you a suggestion about how to visit both Zlarin and Prvić in only one day, and make the best of it.
Head towards Zlarin in morning hours. Don't miss visiting Coral Museum and coral manufactory, where you can see the entire process of making corals, that this island has been known for, for centuries. Summer is the best time to visit, and offers some interesting programmes, such as numerous workshops for children, as a part of Zlarin Culture Summer.
After a short visit to Zlarin, there's a 1:55 p.m. ferry to Prvić. Last ferry from Prvić Šepurina to Vodice, leaves at 8:25 p.m. For your notice, these are just our suggestions. Be sure to check the sailing schedule with Jadrolinija, especially if you're travelling on weekends or holidays, when the ferry goes only 2 times a day. 
Back to our trip. After a coffee in one of the local bars, we headed towards Faust Vrančić Memorial Centre. As a part of Creative Days of Faust Vrančić they organized different workshops and also provided a free professional guide around the museum, who told us so many interesting things about this incredible genius, bishop, scientist and linguist.

The building itself is a modern edifice, which surprisingly fits into the traditional architecture of the island. My 5 year-old was especially excited about  the 3 greatest inventions (the bridge, the olive mill and the parachutist), situated in outer part of the Centre, built in full size. 

Homo Volans

After professional guidance and a swimming in Prvić Šepurina, we got a little bit hungry.


Delicious  saltimbocca, a glass of some fine red wine, one billion calories chocolate cake, one or two kites in a clear blue skye of Prvić, boats, sailor striped shirts, green window shutters, solid rock...... Yes, I believe this is exactly what heaven on Earth looks like. 

Wednesday 7 August 2013

Couple of months ago me and my favourite 'crew' headed down  the royal city of Madrid, without much planning or preparations, at the spur of the moment. I was counting on free wifi as promised, planning to surf through some good blogs on our arrival and do the best we can with the 5 days we planned to spend in this truly remarkable city. To our disappointment, we found out there was no more free internet in our cute little apartment situated in the very centre of Madrid. Out of all people, it happened to me who always emphasizes how important it is to ask  around, read blogs and reviews. Completely uninformed, I managed to eat the world's worst paella, have drinks at the most tourist-crowded bars, wonder the streets hoping to find some cute piece of clothing made by some famous Spanish designer, just to end up feeling disappointed, with bags full of  Italian designer clothes  instead. In order to keep you from doing the same mistake  I did, I checked the streets of our little town and found some cool new places definitely worth mentioning.

In the close vicinity of St Ivan Church, right next to the well known concept store Vino&Ino, there's another gorgeous little store, Bibich Vinery (Vinoteka Bibich). I use the word 'store', cause they offer not only the wide range of famous Bibich wines, but also some 'useful' souvenirs which will thrill you with their taste as well as their design. Home-made lavender products by Sapunoteka, a company from Šibenik, cute cheese packages, home-made brandies, prosciutto packed in envelopes with a cool 'Greetings from Dalmatia' note.

Just across Bibich store you'll stumble upon a little art work gallery. Except it is not an ordinary gallery, and those are not ordinary paintings. It is actually a store supported by Udruga Kamenčić, an organization which helps mentally challenged people. For many years it has been organizing art colonies for professional and amateur painters at the island of Zlarin, whose works are given to the organization and sold in order to provide money needed to keep the organization working. It truly is a memorable souvenir with a warm message from Šibenik.   



Few steps further, at number 5 Faust Vrančić Street, you'll find recently opened organization Škart, which gathers under its roof creative people of different age and profiles. Mostly they are just ordinary people who were finally given a chance to make progress and show it at that same place. Cool pieces of renovated furniture, precious and semi precious stone jewelry, hip chandeliers, designer clothes, hand-made dolls.


Tired from all the shopping? :)
I guess a good restaurant tip would be just what you need right now. Tomaseo Restaurant,  at the very beginning of the seafront, is nothing new, but it has been a good place to eat for a while now, and you simply can't go wrong by choosing it. My friend always points out that that's where he had the best steak ever. As for me, I would recommend  zvancet, and you should also try their orange cake which is like a bite of pure perfection.
If you're wondering where's the best place to spend your evening, chilling out with a drink, listening to some good live music in a nice and cosy atmosphere right on the seafront, you don't have to go very far - just down the stairs from St James Cathedral is art and entertainment bar Azimut. Recently opened but already with an excellent reputation! The name Azimut suits it well cause it has completely changed the direction of social and cultural scene in our town. You can enjoy cultural programs and concerts on weekends and on weekdays as well. If you come here once, you'll definitely come back for more.
The best way to finish your day would probably be chilling out at Banj beach, where you can also have a swim under the moonlight, enjoying the unforgettable view of the old town and St James Cathedral . :)





Wednesday 10 April 2013

Zagreb - a place to be

Even though this blog is dedicated to Šibenik, I'm sure many of you will eventually decide upon visiting our beautiful capital city. Therefore I decided to share some useful tips and advice from my dear friend Anita Dujić, who is one of the biggest hedonists I know, and who has managed quite well, despite the fact she's not 'a native' there and comes from the island of Čiovo, to find her way around the city and meet all the cool places you shouldn't miss during your stay in Zagreb. Enjoy it!


Zagreb – a place to be
Zagreb is a true European capital, with all the features a capital should have. However, despite the variety of things to choose from, people in Zagreb will probably complain about the lack of them. On the other hand, to a province girl like myself, Zagreb is undoubtedly a good host. Although nothing compares to South, with the smell of sea and pines, I love Zagreb as well, especially in spring and autumn, when it is packed with colours, happy faces and romance.

To all of those who come here for the first time, I always suggest starting with the gastro offer ;) . My favourite two restaurants in the very centre of the city are 'Vinodol' and 'Apetite City', which offer exquisite meals, with carefully selected groceries. When talking about the larger city centre, I choose 'RougeMarin' and 'Lauba Bistro'. If you're already in the centre, and you have a 'sweet tooth', you don't want to miss 'Amelie', 'Velvet', 'Oranž' and of course, the legendary 'Vincek'.
The centre is also an excellent shopping location; In Ilica, the main street, you'll find a great number of stores, especially the high street offer. If you take a walk down the side streets, you'll bump into many interesting places offering unique, vintage and handmade pieces, that you won't see on half of the girls in the city. You'll find pieces like this in lovely decorated 'Iggy' concept store, vintage heaven called 'Ulični ormar' at Jurišićeva Street, 'Vešmašina' at Opatovina 45, and 'Shpitza Boutique' at Lovački Rog.
One of my favourite places to go to for a glass of fine vine, while sitting in retro furniture, listening hits from the 80s, played by DJ Mario Kovač, is definitely 'Kino Europa'.


If you're looking for a dose of cultural uplift, Zagreb has a lot to offer; Starting from Gornji Grad Museum with variety of concerts and repertoires, to Museum of Contemporary Art as one of the best looking and most up-to-date in Europe.
Night life is equally interesting. There's something for everyone - alternativers, rockers, pop fans, hipsters etc, everyone can find a place that suits them, and dance the night away.   

In recent years I really enjoy visiting 'plac' or 'pazar', where I can always find groceries I need, domestic ones as well as artificial, with the best fish market offer in the country, which a coastal girl like me appreciates incredibly! :)

That would be all for now.