Thursday, 10 January 2013

Where the spirit of Christmas took me

While I was sipping on my third morning coffee, though it was still rather early in the day, at one of the most amazing locations - City Hall restaurant, situated on Medieval Square in Šibenik, with the view of St James Cathedral, the masterpiece of Juraj Dalmatinac,  a thought crossed my mind - we would probably die of grief if we were to wake up tomorrow and realize there was no more coffee. You can take the fuel from us, no problem, just don't mess with our coffee!! I don't think the catch is in the average quantity of coffee that Croats consume, since we're probably close to the European average, it's the fact that, when we drink coffee, we love to take our time and than some!  I recently read that one of the reasons why Starbucks decided to give up on Croatia, is that people here simply don't like to have their coffee standing. 

To us coffee means  so much more than a simple drink, people fall in love alongside, they divorce, cry, laugh, sign contracts, they discuss neighbour's midnight quarrels with his wife (which are impossible not to hear in those narrow stone streets, with windows so close to one another). Here, coffee represents a whole culture of living.

Therefore, when in Croatia, never take coffee to go. Enjoy it like us, for a while and than some, while deciding what interesting places you'd visit that day. In Šibenik you'll pay around 10 kn (1.20 Euros) for a cup of coffee, and in the very heart of the old city centre, in cafe bar  Giro Espresso, you'll get the best coffee there is. Recently a snack bar has been opened next door to it - Giro Gusto, where you can enjoy a delicious, quick bite  ( tramezzini sandwich, sushi, brushetta bread, tortillas).
                                                (Some winter photos of the streets of Šibenik)

When you're done with your coffee, why not enjoy some shopping? It's always a good way to relax, and this time of year always gives us a perfect alibi for it. I would recommend the art gallery of academic painter Lana Čala Martinović, situated in the vicinity of St John Church, in Faust Vrancic Street. Her paintings show motives of Šibenk in a playful, Lana's way, which will definitely put you under their spell..
                                                                        Lana Art Gallery

                                                     St James Cathedral, one of Lana's favorite motives

In the spirit of Christmas atmosphere, the road took us to Murter, to Boba Restaurant, because we decided to follow the advice of our friend Frane Kalauz, an excellent diver who knows all the best gourmet places. Tartar tuna, tuna on cow curd, lampuga fish and truffles carpaccio, tuna and caper carpaccio, cuttlefish polenta, pasta with crab, monkfish on shrimp tails with truffles, and home made baklava!!! This restaurant should definitely be on top of your must-visit list! Friendly host, top-quality dishes, rich wine list and cosy interior. It's situated in the very centre of Murter, at the island of Murter.  
                                                                    Boba Restaurant, yummy!!

There's nothing better to finish an amazing evening  than a glass of good wine, so we decided to go to Vino&ino, a wine bar that quickly got a lot of good reputation, and where you'll also enjoy the lovely interior and a unique view of St John Church. If you're lucky, like we are, you'll find yourself here right on the 'Vine Tasting Night', where you'll have the chance to taste the wines from famous Šibenik winemakers  and learn something about them. We enjoyed the wines from Sladić Winery, and trust me, the exclusive premiere of barrique Lasina was more than a respectable ending to a great festive day. 
                                                                  Jere having a good time at Vino&Ino