Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Only Croatian design, please! :) Dobric - little oasis of Crotian design

The season is almost here. We're getting everything ready, calling, tweeting, pinning, mailing. Reminiscing about the last year, we had so many good things going on, that we simply couldn't find time to write about it. :)

We finally moved our office to a new address, one of my favorite squares, only few steps away from Charlie Design boutique, by Loredana Bahorić one of my favorite Croatian designers.  

The other big change is that now we have an ''attachment'' to our agency - our very own souvenir shop - my big wish come true.  So, as of now, you can find everything you need here. Except 'čevapčići'. We don't have those, even though some think they are an original Croatian delicacy. :P

 Charlie Design, SS 2014,
soooo proud of our creativ neighbors :)

Charlie Design Shop

I'm not sure how you feel about it, but I get offended when I come somewhere as a tourist and they keep offering me Malaysian sea shells, cheap meaningless souvenirs, fish chosen especially for tourists... Ok, I get it, I'm a tourist, not an idiot! That's why it was mandatory for me to offer only carefully chosen, entirely Croatian design products, made by young people equally enthusiastic about their country and design. Here you'll find unique Croatian products like tiles with an imprint of lace pattern from Pag, Hvar and Lepoglava (all of them being very well known and praised in our country) under an interesting name - BašČipka,  made by three designers working their magic under the name of Vil*e; friendship bracelets with an imprint of your favorite Croatian island, by designer Lucija Radman, pillow cases with the printed legend about Mirna and Dobra, two witches from Šibenik; a funny dictionary/guide 'Flirting in Croatian'; sailors in the art of academic painter Ana Kolega; cups and coasters with illustrations of Croatian inventors; friendship bracelets by Oggy bijoux with 'Šibenik's button', our most famous souvenir, St James Cathedral by local artist Suzana Karadole; and so many other lovely things.

Souvenir Shop Kola-fjaka

Friendship bracelets "Sibenik's button by Oggi bijoux

Postcards by academic painter Ana Kolega

BašČipka by Vil*e

Flirting in Croatian ;)

Be sure to put a visit to Dobric in your itineraries. Not only is it a great place for shopping, but it has a history, too. There used to be a theatre building there, as well as the dark attraction of Šibenik - rebus embossment, which was a motive in one of the songs by popular song writer Arsen Dedić.
Dobric was once the main connection between Kalelarga and the sea front, and that's why it was considered to be the perfect place for this kind of message: death shall come to cheating mouths'. Hair, wings, dice and a skull are supposedly carved in to remind people about their behavior and stop them from talking behind other people's back. If you're lucky, you'll visit Dobric during the International Children's Festival, when it regularly becomes a workshop stage of little artists.


Anita Dujić in Dobrić, wearing Iggy "Volim Sibenik" hoodie <3

Let's get back to our creative neighbors we're so proud of.  Apart from famous Croatian designer and her magical creations, last year Dobric got richer for another wonderful gallery. You'll surely be attracted by its lovely interior, pictured as a living room from the 70s, decorated by the owner herself, as it's only proper for an artist, the famous sculptor Natalija Klarica. Here you can find works of renowned Croatian painters and sculptors, as well as jewelry and souvenirs from exclusively Croatian production.

Dana Gallery 

So give us Croatian design, please! Everything else is history. Dobric surely deserves to be called a real Croatian design oasis. So many dreams, wishes, beauty, love and passion are interwoven in this place, and  being a part of it is a unique feeling. 

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